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  • 2005/2006

    Starting my International Journey

    I discovered new ways to live with intensity. I stopped my career in Brazil to get my Italian citizenship and started my European life!

    Countries Visited: Switzerland, Italy, San Marino
    Pros: To learn Italian language and culture
    Cons: Little money
  • 2006/2007

    Working Hard in Italy

    After getting my Italian citizenship, I started working in two different places. When you arrive in a country without a strong technical knowledge about something or you don't speak the native language very well, you have few opportunities. I started managing a indoor soccer field complex renting the space to people have fun and organizing the complex when the local team was playing the National League. Three times in a week, I was working in a small garment factory doing everything. I had journeys of 16 hours for many months, working on saturdays and sundays. Good enough to a beginner.

    Countries Visited: Brazil, England, Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany
    Pros: Start working
    Cons: No time to rest
  • 2007/2008

    Professional Job

    In my third season in Italy, I started a new great job. I worked as Interpreter of a Brazilian Soccer Player following him in training, matches, interviews (you can see me on tv right here), etc. I also worked as legal representant of the club in Italian embassies and consulates in Brazil. I learned many things about business, marketing and management. What a great season!

    Countries Visited: Brazil, Vatican, Portugal, France
    Pros: My professional job
    Cons: No cons
  • 2008/2009

    Re-routing the Carreer

    After a great season, my European life was ending. The 2008 European crisis was terrible and the club where I was working had financial problems. It would be hard to find a good job and I decided to go back to Brazil to feel de market and see the possibilities. I didn't like what I saw. A good opportunity to study English in USA knocked my door and I accepted the challenge. Let's go!

    I studied day after day in two different schools to try learning every details of the language. For the first time, I met and saw with my own eyes how a good country works. I came back to Brazil (still studying English) fascinated!

    Countries Visited: Argentina, USA (Florida, New York)
    Pros: USA!
    Cons: Little money (again)
  • 2009/2010

    Breathing Quality

    Once established in Brazil, I started working in an Accounting Office with quality processes and ISO 9001. It was a new beginning because I never worked with it. After deep studies in quality area and get the certifications of Quality Auditor, I could see how is possible building a good management basing it in quality process.
    Even returning to Brazil, I continued studying English in USA. I was doing a online course and when necessary, I went to USA to take the exams.

    Countries Visited: Colombia, USA (Florida)
    Pros: Quality Management
    Cons: No cons
  • 2010/2011

    Growing UP

    After one year learning about quality and process, I was the Quality Manager in the office, the top position to me. My reports about our surveys were congratulated by DNV-GL (one of the top three certification bodies in the world). I used to use different quality tools for any kind of problem, opening my experience in ISO 9001. Finally I finished my Regular English Course in USA, but I started the GED (General Educational Development) Course to take my certification of high school in USA.
    Countries Visited: Italy, France, Poland, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Belgium, Netherlands, Monaco, Switzerland
    Pros: Finally got a good position
    Cons: I was too confortable
  • 2011/2012

    Web Management? Why Not?

    I arrived at this season determined to do something new. Ok, is not easy to get out of your comfort zone... Then, I started planning a new project including quality processes and web management. But wait, what do I know about web management? The answer was "Almost nothing". I knew only HTML language. Well, I started learning something with my colleague in the Accounting Office and studying methodology, rules and syntax of PHP Programming. At the end of the season I took the decision to quit my job and take a risk...
    Countries Visited: Italy, Ireland, Colombia, USA (Florida)
    Pros: My freedom and my own projects
    Cons: The fear of trying
  • 2012/2013

    My very first project

    When you start a new project from zero with few experience, the forums are your best friends. After some difficulties at beginning, my first web management system was growing fast and after 11 months, it was controlling 100% of the business. It was gratifying see people using something that you created. Doing stuff always have been what motivated me to go forward and this freedom to create that I was experiencing gave me strength to think about new projects, new versions, upgrades, etc.
    Countries Visited: USA (Florida, Georgia, Michigan, New York)
    Pros: Reaping the rewards
    Cons: No cons
  • 2013/2014

    Professional Job²

    At this season, I dedicated my time building and developing professional web management systems and websites. The technology available on the Internet is large, then what you need to do is use your creativity, your knowledge and have focus on what your client want. I launched in December the Techno Glass System for Stores integrating two stores in only one management and financial system. It was my big challenge ever...
    Countries Visited: (Got Married)
    Pros: Working a Lot
    Cons: Working a Lot
  • 2014/2015

    What else?

    As everyone knows, a system never ends (only if a new one begins). At this season, I'm improving the security and the speed of response of some screens. Furthermore, I'm using a bit of my time to management solutions and quality consultancy, in the other words, I'm currently using everything I learned in other seasons at same time. Is very rewarding when your name is remembered and included in new projects.
    Countries Visited: USA (New York, New Jersey, Virginia, DC, North Carolina, Florida), Canada
    Pros: My stronger knowledge
    Cons: I'm doing almost everything alone
  • 2015/2016¹

    Good Times

    It was a very productive season with a lot of new jobs and challenges. All the money I needed to renovate the apartament, I got it. We expanded one of our stores with new products (and partnerships) to try something new, because de crisis was very very close. As developer, I improved the security of the Techno Glass System and created some new solutions to our stores.
    Countries Visited: No time to breathe...
    Pros: The money earned
    Cons: Timeless
  • 2015/2016²

    The crisis arrived

    Unfortunately we closed one of our stores. After 3 years trying almost everything available, we decided to close and walk some steps back. It was very sad because we invested time and money, but we learned with our mistakes that's not possible to go ahead when the environment isn't propicious.
    Countries Visited: USA (Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio)
    Pros: No pros
    Cons: The store closed
  • 2016/2017

    Walking by myself

    Well, the number of hours worked increased, but the money earned was much lower than the old times. Part of my time I'm doing my job alone at home, developing and learning new things. God is providing everything I need, so I don't have reasons to complain. The Techno Glass System is at its best time. I started encrypting some data, changed the language to mysqli and integrated the electronic invoice to the system. New partners are coming :)
    Countries Visited: USA (Florida), Italy, Switzerland, Liechteinstein, Germany, Austria, France
    Pros: Techno Glass System
    Cons: The daily fight for the money
  • 2017/2018

    Time to go ahead (to Italy again)

    I was surprised with new projects (and beginnings) when my head was only turned to my new life in Italy. The opportunities gave to me reasons to search more knowledge and improve what I have learned in the last years. So, I'm enjoying the time with my new partners and maintaining the partnership with old ones.
    Countries Visited: (moved to) Italy
    Pros: The new life
    Cons: The lack of time to do things that I love.