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Marechal System

Your store in your hands!

Get a simple web management to control your store everywhere. If you don't mind about elegant tables, menus and scripts and your focus are data, speed and functionality, Marechal System is your next choice!
You can see your sales, appointments, bills, cash flow, talk with your employees, send messages, add products, sell and control the finances!

This project was elaborated to be used by any level of users. It's easy and intuitive. You can divide the users in level of permissions, departments or customize the access.

  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Cloud Hosting
  • CHAT
Technical Data

• Full management of business
• 100% web. Can be used through PC, tablet and smartphones
• Data safe in the cloud
• Divided in modules: Sales, Inventory Control, HR, Financial, User, Insurance/Partner Control

• Security divided in user levels, departments and custom levels
• Chat like Facebook
• Adaptable to customer needs
• Developed with CSS, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, HTML and Ajax
• ISO 9001 ready