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Techno Glass System for Stores

Control your Store everywhere in real time!

Should I stay or should I go? Techno Glass System helps you to follow your business everywhere.
You can see your sales, appointments, bills, cash flow, talk with your employees, send messages and e-mails, add products, sell and much more!

Each employee have your own account and permission to access only pages related to his user level, departement or custom level.

  • HTML5/CSS3
  • PHP / MYSQLi
  • Cloud Hosting
  • CHAT
Technical Data

• Full management of business
• 100% web. Can be used through PC, tablet and smartphones
• Data safe in the cloud
• Divided in modules: Sales, Inventory Control, HR, Financial, User, Insurance/Partner Control
• Encryption
• ISO 9001 ready

• Fluid layout
• Security divided in user levels, departments and custom levels
• Chat like Facebook
• Adaptable to customer needs
• Auto-reload notification bar
• Developed with CSS, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, HTML and Ajax
• Eletronic Invoice